Pushing the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors to Collaborate, Invest, and

Think differently.

Together, we’re creating lasting, equitable change in the nonprofit sector.

Dovetail is a joint initiative of Michigan Community Resources and Co.act Detroit, two intermediary nonprofits based in Southeast Michigan. We work in complementary ways to serve nonprofits.

We’re reimagining how nonprofits, funders, consultants, and other change allies come together to create thriving communities.



We create tools to put equity into practice.

We convene. The systemic issues facing nonprofits as they work to deliver on their missions are too big and complex to be tackled alone. We bring together nonprofits, funders, consultants, and other change allies to build understanding and drive action.

We inform. We equip our sector with data and knowledge to understand the social change ecosystem in Southeast Michigan. We aim to increase awareness of systemic inequities, map the social change ecosystem, and illuminate barriers and opportunities to nurturing a diverse, flourishing nonprofit leadership pipeline.

We equip. We are building tools to disrupt the norms, practices, and mindsets that perpetuate inequity. We are democratizing access to peer-vetted information about consultants and specialists, and demystifying topics with accessible tools and resources.

Why “dovetail”?

A dovetail joint is formed from interlocking notches of wood that provide one of the tightest and most resilient joints in carpentry.

We’ve chosen this imagery to represent our partnership, because through it we are joining our strengths and skills to power transformation in the nonprofit ecosystem.