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Listing Criteria & Review Process

The Dovetail directory listings provide valuable, detailed information on a wide range of consultants and capacity building professionals in the form of listing pages. We post these pages after:

  • Reviewing the application and attachments submitted by the provider
  • Ensuring that the person or organization meets the requirements outlined below and on the application
  • Conducting reference checks

Information found on the listing pages, including the summary statement, was submitted by the person or group that applied to be in the directory. Therefore, the accuracy of this information is ultimately the responsibility of each person or organization listed. We encourage directory users to do their own due diligence before hiring a provider. Additionally, a provider’s listing does not imply Dovetail, Michigan Community Resources, or Co.act’s endorsement.

Minimum requirements

Technical Assistance Values

The first listings in the Dovetail directory were for consultants or capacity builders who participated in Co.act’s Activate Fund program or Community Development Advocates of Detroit (CDAD) community development organization provider program. These providers were reviewed as part of a more thorough process and have a badge on their profiles reflecting the additional criteria they met before being included in this directory.

While we don’t want to limit new participants to the rigorousness of those program processes to be listed here, we are interested in continuing to provide a directory of consultants and capacity builders who are interested in working in alignment with our values.
The values are:

  • Effective Communication
  • Mutual Learning
  • Co-Creation
  • Independence and Choice
  • Strengths Based
  • Customized
  • Outcomes-Driven

Additional Criteria Considered:

Experience Serving Nonprofits

To be in the Dovetail directory consultant or capacity builder applicants must demonstrate prior experience as a business or independent consultant serving nonprofits (including schools and government organizations) in the categories they wish to be listed under.

Reference checks

In addition to a review of their applications and submitted materials, we verify that there are at least three nonprofit clients who recommend providers that are one of the types below:

  • Independent consultants and consulting firms
  • Other individual service providers and companies, such as graphic designers and software firms
  • Nonprofit capacity-building organizations that offer consulting services or products

Nonprofit service providers that indicate they are one of the types of organizations listed below will not require references to be contacted:

  • Associations, networks, and other professional trade associations or organizations
  • Educational programs and resource centers focused on nonprofits
  • Volunteer centers

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