Playbook Trilogy

These tools were developed with feedback gathered at the Detroit Capacity Building Forums and are designed to help you Collaborate, Invest, and Think Differently.

Playbooks for Social Change
Our work doesn’t end with a consensus around a shared vision. Our vision—and the steps toward achieving it—must live through works that can be handed on to others. Our playbook trilogy acts as a guide and roadmap toward building a more diverse—and therefore more robust—nonprofit ecosystem.
Playbook I: Collaborate
Too often, mindsets of scarcity and competition undermine our collaborative work. These anxieties are natural, but they also prevent organizations with shared goals from forming mutually beneficial partnerships. Our first playbook examines ways to form healthy dynamics.
Playbook II: Invest
The ways in which nonprofits receive grant funding often reinforce harmful racial and social power dynamics. To achieve more equitable outcomes, we need to find new ways to invest in nonprofits both in terms of financial resources, and in the nurturing of BIPOC leaders. Playbook Forthcoming, 2023: How We Invest.
Playbook III: Think
We need to reexamine so much of the received wisdom surrounding nonprofit work. What mindsets, values, and norms no longer serve our community? By countering cultures of unwellness that lead to burnout and dysfunction, we can create a healthier ecosystem that supports individuals, organizations, and all of society. Event Forthcoming, 2024: How We Think.