Detroit Capacity Building Forum: How We Invest

The 2022 Detroit Capacity Building Forum convened social change allies to answer the question “How do we invest?”

We often hear:

Close the racial funding gap.

Make grantmaking more inclusive of the communities served.

Give more funding to grassroots organizations

Conversations about changing how to invest in nonprofits center around the role of funders in shifting grantmaking practices and revolves around their power to determine where funding goes. If we want to see truly transformative shifts in the way nonprofits are funded, the question must shift from “how do funders invest” to “how do we invest”.

So, what can we harness our power in our individual roles and in partnership to shift norms, mindsets, and practices? What models can we look to for inspiration? And what opportunities are there for us to create new, inspiring models?

At this forum we conversed with over 250 local and national leaders about how we want to see nonprofits invested in.

Stay tuned for the Playbook in 2023!