Our team is working to develop a Dovetail Ambassador program. We’re inviting a small, hand-selected group from our community to learn about Dovetail and help us share it with your networks as part of a three-month paid opportunity.

We’ll give you all the tools you need to be successful, including print materials, digital assets, training on our talking points, and more.

We know some folks are good at public speaking, some attend lots of community events, and others have a strong social media following.

Whatever your strength, we know you can help us get Dovetail out there.

Dovetail Ambassador Program Overview
Ambassador Term 1: January-March 2024

As a Dovetail Ambassador, you can expect to:

  • Attend an initial four-hour training to kick-off the Ambassador term
  • Attend three monthly in-person gatherings during the Ambassador term
  • Have Dovetail materials present and accessible in your office/organization (as appropriate)
  • Distribute Dovetail materials at local coffee shops, offices, coworking spaces, etc.
  • Understand how to use the Dovetail Directory; use or refer to the Dovetail Directory in meetings with clients and colleagues when appropriate
  • Administer and complete surveys after and about engagements during the Ambassador term
  • Share feedback with MCR/Co.act about Dovetail user experience and feedback you are receiving
  • Promote Dovetail as a tool through relevant public channels, including social media posts; at professional or networking events, community meetings, and resource fairs; and by hanging posters and distributing other collateral

Dovetail Ambassadors will gain:

  • Training on Dovetail program objectives and key messages
  • Opportunity to bring a needed resource to peers and constituents
  • Invitation to provide valued input to Michigan Community Resources and Co.act Detroit on the ongoing development of Dovetail program offerings and target outcomes
  • A resume-building professional development opportunity
  • $1,000 stipend for a three-month term of participation (made payable to either the individual or to their organization)

For more information, contact Dovetail program director Heather Nugen at