Kronosphere Design LLC
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Adriane Zacmanidis
Principal / Owner
She / Her / Hers
Services & Endorsements
Advocacy Communications
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Graphic Design
Logic Models & Theory of Change
Mission & Vision Development
Outcomes Assessment
Program Development
Program Evaluation
Project Management
Strategic Planning
Video Production
Web Design
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Design Core Detroit
Kiana Wenzel
Wayne State University
Keena Neal
Outlier Media
Chelsea Brown
International District
Elizabeth Rowe
Roots 2 Change
Nicholas Mang
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Nonprofit Experience
Yes, I primarily work with nonprofits and/or community organizations
Years of Nonprofit Experience
20+ years
Nonprofit Clients
Design Core Detroit
Outlier Media
Wayne State University
University of New Mexico
Story of Place Institute
Friends of Nevada Wilderness
Univeristy of Nevada Las Vegas
Little Globe
Nonprofit Experience
Board Member
Paid Staff
Pro Bono Consultant
  • Community Development Advocates of Detroit (CDAD) Provider
Organization Type
For-profit Service Business
Sole Proprietor / Independent Contractor
  • Community Development
  • Public and Societal Benefit
  • Small Grassroots Organizations
Professional Affiliations / Licenses
Geographic Area
National / International
  • Flat fee by project
  • Negotiable
  • Sliding scale
Addional Pricing Information
We work with all groups who want to partner with our services. We usually negotiate a flat rate for the project but when necessary we can work with you on a sliding scale.
Mission Statement

EXPERTISE is in human-centered inclusive design, project managementcommunity-based participatory planning and placemaking, strategic planning, accessibility, and translating between wisdom, expertise, and stakeholders.

APPROACH is centered in equity and the understanding that community members are the experts in their communities.  I try to foster equity through inclusivity, community building through consensus building, and ownership through participatory decision-making. I lead with process rather than product. I mainly work with nonprofits, community development groups, schools and universities, municipalities, federal agencies, and the GLAM community.


  • STRATEGY project management and visioning, exhibition production, curation, living systems analysis, community-based participatory planning and placemaking, strategic planning, program design, community engagement, curricula design, research, workshops, presentations, and design charrettes.

  • VISUAL graphics, diagrams, illustrations, renderings, cartography, urban designs, reports, books, and pitch decks, branding and visual identity (logos, style guides, postcards, posters).

  • DIGITAL trans-media storytelling, video production, video editing, 360 video, drone, story maps, website design, UX + UI, 3D models, data visualization, AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality), and immersive experiences.

Why do you think it’s important for your business or organization to support nonprofits and community organizations in Southeast Michigan and what kind of positive impact do you think your work could have?