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Media Genesis, Inc.
Jim Glasgow
Business Development
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Nonprofit Experience
Yes, I primarily work with nonprofits and/or community organizations
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20+ years
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Nonprofit Experience
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  • Activate Fund
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For-profit Service Business
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State of Michigan
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  • White
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  • Negotiable
Addional Pricing Information
With Media Genesis Managed Services, we manage your digital. We identify a comfortable monthly budget for the client and then provide a wraparound service offering that is all encompassing and comprehensive. This includes taking on larger projects as well as common maintenance and reporting.
Mission Statement
Media Genesis, Inc., prides itself on its commitment to helping non-profits, foundations, and member organizations with attracting new members, organizing fundraising efforts, consulting and strategy development, designing for web and print, and creating collateral materials and annual reports for the 501c3 requirements. Media Genesis has been serving the Southeast Michigan Non-Profit community for over 24 years and welcomes the opportunity to help these organizations continue to grow.
Why do you think it’s important for your business or organization to support nonprofits and community organizations in Southeast Michigan and what kind of positive impact do you think your work could have?
"Giving back is in our DNA and I’m sure nonprofits want to work with a company that not only understands them and their business - but lives it as well." - Brad Frederick, CEO Since 1996, Media Genesis has partnered with a wide variety of organizations from the nonprofit community. From membership-based organizations (such as chambers of commerce and affiliate groups) to academic and medical institutions, foundations and a broad spectrum of grassroots advocacy, awareness, and environmental organizations. Media Genesis is proud to acknowledge that its leaders and many of its employees have years of hands-on experience working and volunteering in the nonprofit world. We definitely have the advantage in knowing what is important to helping any nonprofit fulfill its mission. MG can help convey the mission and in turn strengthen the identity and success of non-profit organizations.