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Mission: To create, deliver and activate business strategy and development solutions to progressive, results oriented organizations to accelerate growth. Nicole Lewis & Associates, LLC (NLA) was founded in 2017 by Nicole Lewis – an experienced leader who held c-level, executive and management positions with Vista Maria, Kelly Services, Inc., Adecco and UPS, respectively. Following her distinguished and highly successful three-decade corporate career, Nicole brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and creativity to her role as chief strategist for her firm. NLA is a business strategy firm that provides strategic planning, capacity building, business/fund development, consulting and training services to nonprofit organizations, select entrepreneurs and middle market companies. NLA enables clients to strategically plan, develop and target new opportunities to accelerate growth in the most intelligent, efficient and effective manner. Employing proprietary analytics and methodologies, NLA designs customized solutions to solve complex business challenges and optimize growth opportunities.
Why do you think it’s important for your business or organization to support nonprofits and community organizations in Southeast Michigan and what kind of positive impact do you think your work could have?
I was introduced to the world of philanthropy early in my corporate career by a mentor that was focused on my complete professional development, as I prepared for leadership opportunities. As a volunteer and board member over the last 30+ years, I have leveraged my functional expertise and leadership skills to serve in various roles across multiple nonprofits. Along the way, I learned that some of the practices, principles, processes, and strategies that are normalized in Corporate America are not standard across nonprofit organizations. NLA was founded on the premise that in my “second act” as an entrepreneur, I would combine my passion with the lessons learned from “my seat at the executive table”. NLA is committed to collaborating with nonprofit leaders to support the transformation of their organizations – leveraging a client-centered, results oriented, non-traditional approach to creating sustainable operations (strategy, infrastructure, board development) while accelerating fund development growth.