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State Bar of Michigan Certified in Community Mediation
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Southeast Michigan Region
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  • White
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Mission Statement
North Coast Strategies is a Strategic Communications and Public Affairs Consultancy. We offer a unique blend of strategic communication, crisis management, and transformative facilitation to foster open dialogues, solve complex problems, and effect systemic change. Your value lies in creating safe spaces where diverse voices are heard and valued, leading to actionable solutions and strengthened communities. We manage our clients’ communications and media relations while focusing on proactive crisis preparedness, reputation management, and the facilitation of complex discussions around public policy and social issues. We take a multifaceted approach, leveraging media relations, stakeholder engagement, policy influence, and community relations to protect and enhance our clients’ reputations in the public eye. We also bridge divides, amplify trust, and catalyze transformative conversations for systemic change. We focus on dialogue, problem-solving, and societal impact. We catalyze meaningful conversations, build relationships, and facilitate transformative changes.
Why do you think it’s important for your business or organization to support nonprofits and community organizations in Southeast Michigan and what kind of positive impact do you think your work could have?
I lead three nonprofits, all focused on behavioral health. I provide pro bono services to the first Black-owned television station in America, which is now a museum. I sit on the boards of our communities leading cultural institutions and civic organizations. I also served as the Communications Director for the City of Detroit and as a lobbyist for the Detroit Regional Chamber. I see nonprofits’ impact, block by block, and how they are filling a void left by the government. By creating partnerships and working together, nonprofits can solve problems and drive solutions much easier than any government can. I look forward to expanding my work, mentoring, and continuing to partner for impact.