Spark Group LLC
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Services & Endorsements
Advocacy x 1
Advocacy Communications x 1
Alliances & Collaboration x 1
Assessment x 1
Board Coaching & Training x 1
Board Development & Governance x 1
Board Recruitment & Development x 1
Budgeting x 1
Business Plans x 1
Capital Campaigns x 1
Capital Planning x 1
Coaching x 1
Communications & Marketing x 1
Community Organizing x 1
Conferences & Retreat Planning x 1
Data & Evaluation x 1
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion x 1
Earned Income – Social Enterprise x 1
Emergency & Continuity Planning x 1
Endowment Campaigns x 1
Event Planning & Management x 1
Executive Advisor x 1
Facilitation x 1
Feasibility Studies x 1
Fund Development – Research x 1
Fundraising x 1
Fundraising & Development x 1
Grant Writing x 1
Grants Administration x 1
Graphic Design x 1
Interim Management x 1
Leadership Development x 1
Logic Models & Theory of Change x 1
Major Gifts – Planned Giving x 1
Management & Operations x 1
Marketing x 1
Mediation & Conflict Resolution x 1
Mission & Vision Development x 1
Online-Social Media Fundraising x 1
Operating Policies & Procedures x 1
Organizational Analysis x 1
Organizational Development x 1
Outcomes Assessment x 1
Planning x 1
Planning & Organizational Development x 1
Program Development x 1
Program Evaluation x 1
Project Management x 1
Registered Lobbyist x 1
Research x 1
Staff Development & Training x 1
Starting a Non-Profit x 1
Strategic Planning x 1
Succession Planning x 1
Team Building – Team Coaching x 1
Temporary Staffing x 1
Training x 1
Turnaround Management & Mergers x 1
Volunteer Management x 1
Volunteer Sourcing x 1
Volunteer Training x 1
Volunteerism x 1
Workshop Training & Development x 1
Writing & Editing x 1
Have you worked with them before?
Michigan Stage
Tim Pare
Michigan Community Service Commission - Mentor Michigan +
Dave Martus
Have you worked with Spark Group LLC?
Your experience matters!
Nonprofit Experience
Yes, I primarily work with nonprofits and/or community organizations
Years of Nonprofit Experience
11-20 years
Nonprofit Clients
Nonprofit Experience
Board Member
Paid Staff
  • Activate Fund
Organization Type
For-profit Service Business
  • Arts and Culture
  • Disability Issues
  • LGBT Issues
  • Social Services – General
  • Youth Development
Professional Affiliations / Licenses
Certified Fund Raising Executive, CFRE International Conflict and Collaboration Certificate from the Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration, Maxwell School, Syracuse University Certified Nonprofit Professional, Nonprofit Leadership Alliance
Geographic Area
National / International
  • Arabic
  • Other
  • Spanish
Demographics of Provider
  • Black or African American
  • Latinx or Hispanic
  • White
  • Flat fee by project
  • Installment based on project schedule
Mission Statement
We promote healthy companies in the state of Michigan and across the country, through strategic planning, fundraising, and other personalized services. Increase organizational sustainability, resolve stakeholder conflict, and develop strategies and planning for the future with Spark Group.
Why do you think it’s important for your business or organization to support nonprofits and community organizations in Southeast Michigan and what kind of positive impact do you think your work could have?
Spark Group consultants support nonprofit leaders on their journey from stressed to sustainable success. We work tirelessly to meet your needs while using an asset-based approach. Spark Group commits to working collaboratively, meeting deadlines, and achieving client satisfaction. Consultants are skilled at analyzing large amounts of information to find innovative solutions to complex problems. We work with organizations to evaluate possible outcomes and excellent avenues for growth. Listen in to hear more about how we work with clients. The Nonprofit Experts Podcast by Spark Group Consulting (Hint! It’s not who you think!) Learn more about how Spark Group works with clients in one of our case study’s. 42 Strong: How does a community respond in the face of tragedy?