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Heather Carmona
Managing Director
Services & Endorsements
Board Coaching & Training
Board Development & Governance
Board Development and Governance
Board Recruitment & Development
Capital Campaigns
Endowment Campaigns
Feasibility Studies
Fund Development – Research
Fundraising & Development
Grant Writing
Grants Administration
Interim Management
Major Gifts – Planned Giving
Mission & Vision Development
Online-Social Media Fundraising
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Operations Management
Organizational Development
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Strategic Planning
Workshop Training & Development
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Have you worked with The Nonprofit Spot?
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Nonprofit Experience
Yes, I primarily work with nonprofits and/or community organizations
Years of Nonprofit Experience
20+ years
Nonprofit Clients
Nonprofit Experience
Board Member
Paid Staff
Pro Bono Consultant
  • Activate Fund
Organization Type
For-profit Service Business
  • Nonprofit Sector Issues
  • Philanthropy
Professional Affiliations / Licenses
Professional Fundraising License – State of Michigan Certified Fundraising Executive (held by Principal)
Geographic Area
State of Michigan
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Spanish
Demographics of Provider
  • Black or African American
  • Latinx or Hispanic
  • White
  • Flat fee by project
  • Hourly rate
  • Installment based on project schedule
  • Negotiable
  • Not to exceed
Addional Pricing Information
The Nonprofit Spot is committed to working with all of our clients to ensure that the prices we charge are fair and transparent. Each of our contractors bills at a slightly different rate depending on the expertise and level of service. We do not have a standard rate sheet, but in general, our fee structure is typically: Administrative/Financial Services – $30 – $75/hour Data Services – $55 – $85/hour Grantwriting – $45-$85 Fundraising Services – $75 – $110/hour Organizational Development and Coaching – $80 – $110/hour
Mission Statement
Our values and mission are driven by building relationships. We work primarily with grassroots to mid-size nonprofits with the philosophy of meeting them where they are and working alongside staff or board members to actually help do the work. As former nonprofit leaders, board members and volunteers ourselves, we know first hand the experiences and challenges nonprofits face and know a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for all organizations. In addition, our core team members are life-long Detroiters, working throughout the nonprofit community for most of their professional lives and are fueled by passion and service to the community.
Why do you think it’s important for your business or organization to support nonprofits and community organizations in Southeast Michigan and what kind of positive impact do you think your work could have?
We know the nonprofit sector is undergoing significant changes notably exacerbated by the novel coronavirus pandemic, recession and economic and social unrest. It’s evident the nonprofit community will be impacted in many ways; some will become stronger while others will struggle to adapt to new ways of doing business. The team at the Nonprofit Spot is well-positioned to help meet the needs of Southeast Michigan’s nonprofits because of our strong affiliation with and knowledge of nonprofit management, fundraising and governance. We have seen the immediate impact of our work reflected in the success we are having assisting several nonprofits within the community navigate and respond related to the current crisis. While this impact is immediate and tangible, we believe that the broader measure of our work is in helping our nonprofit partners develop sustainable models and become more resilient. Whether it’s through the better utilization of data, new approaches to mission delivery, creative outreach and engagement, or new ideas to engage stakeholders, our team is dedicated to working with our partners to identify areas for opportunity and growth. Aside from the work itself, we all find great pleasure in building up the success of others. Some of our best work has helped position several organizations for long-term success and recognition. We also find that it’s important to build upon the collective voice and mission of a diverse range of organizations we serve whose missions are now more important than ever, to the health of our community and sector.