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Josef Wainz
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Nonprofit Experience
I sometimes work with nonprofits or have worked with nonprofits and/or community organizations in the past
Years of Nonprofit Experience
6-10 years
Nonprofit Clients
Nonprofit Experience
Paid Staff
  • Activate Fund
Organization Type
For-profit Service Business
Professional Affiliations / Licenses
Microsoft Partner Microsoft Power BI Certified
Geographic Area
Southeast Michigan Region
  • Other
  • Spanish
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  • Arab and/or North African and Southwest Asian
  • Asian
  • Latinx or Hispanic
  • White
  • Flat fee by project
  • Hourly rate
  • Installment based on project schedule
  • Negotiable
  • Not to exceed
Addional Pricing Information
Normally work requiring less than 16 hours is straight time and materials. Work requiring more than 16 hours becomes a project, is quoted and billed with a phased approach based on deliverables. We also provide managed services, a monthly or annual fee to be available to help with support and minor development.
Mission Statement
We introduce organizations to new productivity. Often asking for guidance about your existing or new technology is embarrassing or difficult. Our team of Microsoft experts enjoy working with people, providing guidance and building solutions. For example Office 365 has over 25 applications to help run your non-profit, most organizations use 4. We help you leverage the Microsoft tools you already own to provide user self service, process automation and integration within your business. We serve you and help you serve your clients. Working to understand your mission and how to make your customers better drives us.
Why do you think it’s important for your business or organization to support nonprofits and community organizations in Southeast Michigan and what kind of positive impact do you think your work could have?
I support organizations that make people better. My support for non-profits includes 5 years of full time work at Focus:HOPE. Ongoing involvement with World Vision for 30 years, especially clean drinking water projects. And other volunteer positions I have had. I also have the pleasure of being a vendor for Southwest Solutions, Taylor Life Center, Humane Society of Macomb and Assoc of Maternal and Child Health Programs (AMCHP) and Frontier Nursing University. My impact is consistent, the reduction of cost, labor and emotional energy by leveraging their existing technology to provide user self service, process automation and integration within the business.