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USA Business Builders or USABB engages with for-profit and non-profit entities to develop strategic growth and resilience plans which include, but not limited to, tasks and processes that develop and implement growth opportunities within and between partner organizations. USABB provides a business development model of long-term value entities that cohesively glues customers, markets, projects, and relationships together to achieve community goals while driving revenue and sustainability for each entity. Strategies are often re-engineering of current processes, the design and launch income-generating programs, and pipeline fund development. USABB will also provide staff training and project/program design for new initiatives as well as seek outside support from funders, municipalities, and legislators to achieve goals that have wider, aerial-view outcomes that benefit whole communities. Speciality services range from a capital readiness program that prepares profit and non-profit entities for grant funding or loans and individual and business tax services. For startup entities, we assist in tax exemption applications, business liability insurance, and for social services programs we provide wellness services such as refugee housing vouchers and mental health group meetings.
Why do you think it’s important for your business or organization to support nonprofits and community organizations in Southeast Michigan and what kind of positive impact do you think your work could have?
USABB principle agent, Dr. Jeana Tall, grew up in Highland Park and Detroit, Michigan, and has lived through and experienced the many different eras in her hometown. After completing several degree programs, Ms. Tall has conducted research on vitality and rehabilitation models that can assist in the revitalization of Southeaster, Michigan, and specifically Highland Park and Detroit, Michigan. One of the aspects of her growth model is to provide capital readiness training to visionaries of non-profit and profit businesses and the lightbulb innovative idea of focusing on capital readiness became starkly clear based on the federal Small Business Administration (SBA) initiative that requested the assistance of capital readiness hubs throughout Southeastern Michigan due to the inability of hundreds of non-profits and profit entities not being prepared to accept grants and loans from the federal government. Over the last few years, post-pandemic, the federal government has scrambled to assist small businesses and non-profits to stay afloat. With offering business and non-profits grants and funding, many of these entities are simply not ready to receive money. This was evident during the PPP and EIDL phase of lending for the SBA and while many applied for emergency money, there were money who were denied simply because they did not have a business bank account or they registered their non-profit to their home address. The USABB follows the SBA closely, seeking funding opportunities for its clients and also modeling the services to better prepare its consumers for benefits and opportunities that sometimes have as short of a window as only 30 days to respond. Being capital ready in Southeastern Michigan means that when municipalities are ready to dish out opportunities, my clients are ready.