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Kellie Bambach
Creative director, owner
Services & Endorsements
Communications & Marketing
Fundraising & Development
Strategic Planning
Web Development
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Nonprofit Experience
I sometimes work with nonprofits or have worked with nonprofits and/or community organizations in the past
Years of Nonprofit Experience
6-10 years
Nonprofit Clients
University of Michigan
Bloomfield Hills Public Schools
Ann Arbor Arts Center
Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra
Washtenaw Area Council For Children
Humane Society of Huron Valley
The Barn Sanctuary
Upper Peninsula Sled Dog Association
Nonprofit Experience
Board Member
Pro Bono Consultant
  • Activate Fund
Organization Type
For-profit Service Business
Nonprofit Service Provider
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Demographics of Provider
  • Latinx or Hispanic
  • White
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  • Flat fee by project
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  • Installment based on project schedule
  • Negotiable
  • Not to exceed
  • Sliding scale
Addional Pricing Information
Sparklefurry is sensitive to the needs and budget of our clients and committed to providing appropriate solutions based on available funding. We build plans and budget to get the maximum return on client goals.
Mission Statement
Sparklefurry partners with passionate entrepreneurs and cause marketers to launch new brands and rejuvenate existing brands for forward thinking companies. We provide smart, relevant, integrated branding solutions that resonate with target audiences, engage donors/advocates, and ultimately result in increased revenues. While we work in a variety of industries, (lifestyle, pets & food/beverage) the not for profit sector is one in which we focus.
Why do you think it’s important for your business or organization to support nonprofits and community organizations in Southeast Michigan and what kind of positive impact do you think your work could have?
Design is a powerful tool. We think it should be used for good. We’ve used our strategic design solutions to help nonprofits open their doors, reach new audiences, increase awareness and raise money/drive donations. Over the past 8 years, we’ve seen the impact that strong branding/design or messaging can have on an organizations outreach and bottom line. We dive deep to understand an organizations audience and pain points so we can develop a plan that brings results.